is solid transparent polymer material which is usually found in the form of granules when unprocessed. It is hard, light, optically transparent, flexible, non-freezing and long-lasting.

The material is widely used in:

  • Commercial construction: covering of the buildings, exterior solutions, security fences in the stores, museums, banks, shop-windows, industrial hothouses.

  • Urban development: coverings of sport facilities and special sport fences, wind and antinoise protections of highways, coverings and fences of bus and railway stations, coverings for gasoline stations, design and small architectural forms’ solutions.

  • Private construction: glazing of balconies, loggias, penthouses, glazing of greenhouses and interior gardens, sheds and canopies, coverings for swimming pools.

  • Advertising: light constructions, indicator boards, signboards and volumetric letters, advertising constructions, advertising design.

  • Interior desing: suspended ceilings, office dividers, decorative panels and other interior solutions.

  • Industrial production: production of equipment basic parts, clerestories, shower cabins.

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Monolithic polycarbonate

Monolithic polycarbonate

It is a polymeric sheet without internal emptiness. Though, it is absolutely similar externally to usual glass it is lighter and stronger than glass. Monolithic polycarbonate has the widest opportunities of application: from usage on coverings, barrier panels and safety fences to embedding in double-glazed windows.

Cellular polycarbonate

Cellular polycarbonate

Hollow sheet (cellular) polycarbonate is two -, three – or a four-layer construction which is filled by a great number of longitudinal crosspieces (connectors) or rigidity edges. This structure gives sheets special durability and flexibility providing wider fields of its application.

Important to know

Transportation of polycarbonate sheets

Transportation of polycarbonate sheets is performed by a truck with an appropriate size box and flat floor.

  • It’s not allowed to exceed the box size when transporting 4-8mm thick PC sheets. 
  • The box size may be exceeded for not more than 0.8-1.00 metres for transportation of 10-16mm PC sheets.

PC sheets should be transported in a horizontal position.

If it is necessary PC sheets may be transported in a rolled form in a closed truck box. Height and width of the truck box should correspond to the minimum bending radius (see table). For transportation on short distances inner width of the truck box may be 10% smaller than the minimum bending radius.

Thickness in mm


Minimum bending radius in m




Storage of polycarbonate sheets

In case when sheets are not adjusted at once they should be stored correctly:
  1. It is advisable to store them in a confined space in order to not overheat material from direct sunlight.
  2. If a confined space is not available, the material should be covered with sunlight resistible covering (cardboard, wooden boards, etc.). Upper sheets must be fixed so that the wind doesn’t carry them away, for example with heavy boards. Polycarbonate must not be covered with PVC covering or other material which may damage polycarbonate during collisions.
  3. PC sheets are stored on the tray to avoid its contact with ground.
  4. PC sheets have safety polyethylene covering to avoid mechanical damage and give protection against dirt during storage and installation. It is advisable to remove polyethylene after installation process
  5. PC sheets must be stored solely in a horizontal position.

Installation of polycarbonate sheets

 Each polycarbonate sheet has safety polyethylene covering and markings containing information about which side is installed externally. While installing polycarbonate it is important to perform correct instalation process of sheets.

 If polycarbonate is being cut, its edges should be patched with adhesive tape in order to protect the material from dust and moisture.
 During installation process safety polyethylene covering is lifted up to 50 mm from edges to simplify its further removal. For safe and easy removal polyethylene is removed in 2 weeks time after installation.

Polycarbonate safety polyethylene covering

 Polycarbonate sheets are marked with safety polyethylene covering of different colours. The polyethylene covering with markings is intended to be installed externally (side with UV coating) while the transparent side – internally.

 During installation process follow all instructions carefully. Otherwise a sheet may be rapidly deteriorated under the influence of sunlight. No complaints are considered in this case.
 Permanent influence of sunlight on safety polyethylene covering damages the structure of polyethylene causing difficulties for its further removal.

Polycarbonate assembly instructions

Installation rules

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